Blossomwood Witches Ride


Benefiting Blount Hospitality House

Bonjour Witches! 
I hope this note finds each of you well and preparing for a great flight on Saturday!  I think we are going to have ok weather - not the best, but defiantly could be worse!!  It may be a little chilly, so, dress accordingly.  Thank you so much for your participation in this year's ride, without you - there is no Witches Ride!   The children, (and adults who watch), look forward to this event all year.  A couple of housekeeping items! 

NEW THIS YEAR!!  COTTON CANDIES MARDI GRAS KREWE will be leading the Witches Ride.  Walkers will follow beind them and then bikes.  It's gonna be great ya'll! 

PLEASE GATHER AT DJ STAND AT 4:15 for a brief meeting! Also, we have a porta potty at Blossomwood close to where the bikes depart from the parking lot - it has a Witches Ride sticker on in.  
1) DJ Billy Brasfield will begin playing at 3:30 Saturday at Blossomwood Elementary, so if you need to decorate your bicycle at the school, Billy will be spinning some tunes!  PLEASE be in the parking lot NO LATER than 4:15, the ride takes place at 4:30!!!

2) PLEASE remember this event starts from Blossomwood Elementary School, where there is absolutely NO ALCOHOL permitted. Not sure anyone will be checking cups, but I'm just reminding you of the law! 

3) You may park in the parking lot at the school, BUT NOT in the coned off area where we will gather the bikes, you may also park on Woodmont.  PLEASE NO PARKING ON OUR BIKE ROUTE!  PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!  It's dangerous!  You cannot see the children and they crowd the street.  

4) We will be congregating up in the parking lot, like years past, keeping the thru road open, PLEASE look for the DJ in front of the lunchroom, you will see where we have the parking lot coned off for bikes only and the smaller section where you may park. The hardest part for me is getting you guys to move towards the start.  Please please help me by gathering close to where Jessica Leven will be letting the bikes go.  

5) This is a BYOB event to the block party, we will not be selling or giving any alcohol away, coolers are welcome, and you may even drop them in our yard before you head to the school if you would like.  

6) Bring money for the food trucks!  Food Trucks are 2CHicks on a Roll, Nanny's Lemonade, and Basken Robbins Ice Cream - so come hungry!! 

7) Josh Allison Band will be playing at the block party until 6:30/7:00, so please tell all your friends to join you at the block party - it's a block party after all!

8) If you see trash on your way home, please help us to pick up, I want to be able to continue this for years to come, but we don't want to leave a mess for our neighbors!

9) We will be letting you go in groups of 20 or so this year like years past, please help us with this system.  This will help throughout the entire route as well. PLEASE NOTE THE NO THROW ZONE like year's past at the entrance to the school!!!  We want the witches to get going good, so please no throwing candy right at the beginning of Tunlaw, you will notice our signs, as soon as no signs, you may toss candy.  This is to try to avoid the large crowd of people that are gathered there. 

10) Please no children riding with you!!  Our insurance does not cover little goblins to participate.  I know it is tempting, but, somethings are just for grown-ups!

10) PLEASE tell your friends to KEEP THEIR CHILDREN OUT OF THE STREET!!!  After the bikes go by they can get the candy out of the street, safely.  

11) I'm SO thankful for each of you!  You have helped raise close to $6,000 for Blount Hospitality House -  we are truly grateful for!!!!  

Marydae Blank